Conference Re-imagining Futures: Looking Back

As a part of an international project Scouts and Guides: Active Global Citizens there was an conference Re-imagining Futures organised in Prague on 19th November 2015. The conference was about sharing action ideas and exploring among (not only) scout leaders on global issues and the role they can play. The goal was to give a strong inspirational and motivational impulse to take informed actions, based on critical thinking in order to facilitate positive local and global changes.

You missed the event or you want to refresh your memory? Look at the photos from the event (Prague, Litomyšl), later you can watch presentations of the speakers.

And at the bottom of the page you can download a follow-up in a material with critical points of the event. By reading this material, you can follow-up see what happened during this conference, what you could experience, how is it connected to global issues, and where you can find more sources and educational materials on the topics or the methodology. This follow-up material has some links photos, presentations, material from workshops and other interesting sources.

Here you can find summary in czech.