On our way towards active global citizenship



The conference will be motivational event in EYD 2015 for sharing action ideas and exploring among (not only) scout leaders on global issues and the role they can play. The goal is to give a strong inspirational and motivational impulse to take informed actions, based on critical thinking in order to facilitate positive local and global changes.


At the end of 2015 the United Nations Millennium Development Goals for improving the world in the last decade are finishing and the new agenda on Sustainability (Sustainable Development Goals) will come into force for the next 15 years. In the context of re-imagining the future let's examine the potential and limits of these goals. Together we will explore questions such as:


  • What kind of development do we want to put into practice?

  • How are we related to others in the time of change?

  • How can we rethink systems of education, relationships, justice and development?

  • What are the inspirations for active global citizenship from other parts of the world?

  • How can we support each other in facilitating changes on local and global levels?


The event will be a place to meet and create something with eight speakers from all over the world (Brazil, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Ireland and Denmark). Speakers will inspire the participants in various ways for informed engagement in the EYD 2015 and beyond - by life experience and example (“what have I personally changed”), by presenting their life projects for facing global/local challenges, by encouraging various perspectives and views on things we perceive as given.

The conference for public will be held on
Thursday, 19th November 2015 in Bio Oko in Prague, Czech Republic. More information about the programme and venue can be found on the respective tabs.


REGISTRATION: Please note that the venue capacity is limited and it is necessary to register here.



The project is funded by the European Union. The content of the conference is the sole responsibility of NaZemi and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.